The Missing Scenes

by Bunga Nizam on Sunday, 07 November 2010 at 20:26

It is already..

Yes, 365 days passed by

I know in more every each time

that I am never going to see u again

I mean, here so close  in my side


Still remember all the memories,

Bitter, sweet, and or just plain

There’s no bruise

But everything has changed

Every dream we made would be totally out of the line


Actually when  I graduated,

You were one of them that i wanted to be there

but i couldn’t even see how proud you were


surely i missed those scenes

and since I keep counting..

how many missing scenes that will happen in my life


From the simple moment like when I got my first salary,

There is never a scene where I could treat him a dinner


Or the moment when I get married,

Papa will never be next to me

To  realize that his little girl is finally growing up


Then when I will have his grandchild

I will absolutely miss the simple lovely scene

where the pregnant Mom and her Pap will discuss the baby’s names


I missed you, I am missing you and I will be missing you in every each step of my life,,


Eid 07 @ Lapangan Renon, Denpasar-Bali


8nov 2009 was the worst day in my life

Last time,,when u stared at me,,while I just kept wiping all your sweats

I just didn’t realized that time was my very last time to feel your heart beating






This loves would never end Papa


i am just a new kid on the block (of wordpress) and when i was here… i took a look of some posts which offered A daddy’s story..

and i clicked it all , one by one… and then,, after i read this lovely lines…

My Dad Has No Rhythm, Yet Is Master Of The Dance

Posted on June 17, 2011 by pegoleg
 i shed tears,,,
and  soon,, i would like to show you,,, my own story of my lovely daddy
love you

kini,, hanya beberapa menit tersisa di tanggal 17 Juni tahun ini…

saya terbawa kembali

akan sebuah perjuangan  di tahun lalu tanggal 17 juni

saat itu hari Kamis, pukul 13.00…

di sebuah ruangan kecil , sempit

terdapat  tiga wanita sedang duduk menyimak,

mengamati lalu mencari-cari

sisi-sisi  yang bisa digali dari sebuah skripsi…

skripsi itu,,, milik saya sendiri


kini,,, saya bangga telah melewati sebuah fase yang mendewasakan diri

saya tetap tersenyum penuh arti

seketika menatap lembar-lembar berisi buah pikiran yang terpuji


kini,,,saya terlena membayangkan indahnya hari-hari

dikalaterisak dan jiwa tak tenang seringkali menyelimuti


kini,,, saya bangga telah memilih jalur ini

demi  menyandang gelar yang dinanti


kini,,,tepat setahun lamanya

skripsi saya tertata penuh makna

di sebuah perpustakaan milik bangsa


dan kini saya bangga mengenang hari bersejarah

ketika kerja keras saya menjadi  sangat berharga

saat itu, 17 Juni 2010